The extensive expertise and experience of our team, coupled with the requirement of continuous improvement we lace on ourselves, make us a professional and valued partner for multichannel projects.
Our core competencies include the following:


ProxiDock’s employees have enjoyed many years of experience in developing e-commerce and PIM systems. We’re experts in:

  • international multichannel platforms
  • B2B and B2C projects
  • data and process integration
  • sophisticated web front ends

In our experience, projects in the area of e-commerce often have parallels. Less and less frequently, we find ourselves surprised by new, untypical requirements. This means that, for most problems, we already have standard or best-practice solutions at our disposal beforehand.


ProxiDock specializes in hybris and has a perfect command of this development platform. Our expertise include:

  • standard modules and their extensions
  • project-specific front ends in multichannel scenarios
  • complex back-office processes and GUIs
  • best-practice solutions in the development of hybris systems
  • integration strategies and data modeling

ProxiDock is a hybris Extended Workbench Partner.


As seasoned software developers with extensive project experience in the area of e-commerce, we always work with the most advanced state-of-the-art technologies:

  • Java and JEE
  • Spring MVC, Struts2 and JSF (front end)
  • Spring, Hibernate and other frameworks (back end)
  • Web services with SOAP and REST
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript frameworks


Within the framework of complex e-commerce projects, ProxiDock carries out demanding and central technical functions and tasks on an ongoing basis:

  • definition of software and system architecture
  • reviews of architecture
  • data modeling
  • performance optimization
  • determination of development processes, quality assurance and test strategies

ProxiDock works actively and continuously on optimizing code, test and design standards. We attach great importance to test implementations, focusing on test-driven development, (and use our knowledge for further improvement). The latest trends, tools and procedures are pragmatically evaluated, and integrated into our work processes.


Our partnerships and projects require high process expertise. Our services include:

  • agile project execution with SCRUM
  • classic methodologies for larger and well-specified projects
  • active shaping of development processes and their adaptation to project requirements
  • intensive and transparent communication with customers, partners and stakeholders

ProxiDock employees respond proactively to problems, evaluate these in collaboration with the customer, and devise suitable solutions.


ProxiDock strives to further develop its skills and expertise in a structured process. Our employees analyze problems in their own and other’s projects, evaluate technologies and methods, and familiarize themselves with new hybris modules. In this way, we are able to continuously improve our technical expertise, development processes, quality assurance and communication. Every employee is given sufficient time to work on these mutual goals – outside the context of projects, as well. We support and encourage open discussion about new insights gained.