We are a small team pursuing huge e-commerce projects. We develop innovative solutions for largest brands and millions of end-users.

In our work we use SCRUM methodology. We successively lead our projects to their final stages and personally shape all our solutions. We are also completely non-corporate. In practice it means that we all have a real impact on our work and hold the keys to development in our own hands.

You probably haven’t heard about us yet. So, maybe you just pop in and see for yourself how much we can offer. True story, no BS.

Remember, you don’t need CV to contact us. Just send us a message, and we’ll contact you in the way which is most convenient for you.



If you are passionate about developing of the architecture for new, complex shop systems this offer is for you! Read more >>


If you are passionate about developing of websites and applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Java this offer is for you! Read more >>


If you are passionate about developing of Java / JEE e-commerce spectacular applications this offer is for you! Read more >>

We kindly inform that we will contact all candidates! If you do not find anything for you there, get in touch with us anyway. We will be happy to talk about your experiences, as we value any new contacts.


Headquartered in Wroclaw, Poland, ProxiDock is a company offering software services. We specialize in implementing complex projects in the areas of e-commerce and PIM. Our team consists of software developers and architects with exceptional experience in Java, JEE, and projects based on hybris products and technologies.


Java 8, Spring 4, HTML 5, CSS 3, Angular.js, IDEA Intellij, GIT, Continous Integration, responsive web design. Shall we go on?


We have a flat structure, without “bosses” and “reports”. Decisions do not need to get through endless levels and positions. We are quick and agile.


SCRUM is a methodology we follow at every stage of work. User Stories, Product Owner, Sprint Planning, Retrospectives are our everyday reality. Really.


At ProxiDock professionalism meets open mind. Here you have a chance to learn, but also to share your best knowledge with others in internal workshops.


We are not interested in ranks or positions, but in knowledge and skills. If you want to develop your own interests, it’s great. We give you time for that.


To a large extent you will decide about the project form and relations with clients. You shape the way you perform your tasks. And your boss’ job is to help, not to hinder.


We are well-organized. There are no tasks to be done “yesterday” or finalizing projects after hours. This ensures us an invaluable comfort of coding.