Headquartered in Wroclaw, Poland, ProxiDock is a company offering software services. We specialize in implementing complex projects in the areas of e-commerce and PIM. Our team consists of software developers and architects with exceptional experience in Java, JEE, and projects based on hybris products and technologies.


ProxiDock specializes in the hybris multichannel platform. Our architects and developers have project experience in e-commerce and PIM systems (B2C and B2B). We are also a hybris Extended Workbench Partner.


ProxiDock forms international partnerships with IT and multichannel service providers, contributing its experience and high technological expertise. Within these partnerships, ProxiDock quickly gets to grips with the requirements of the specific project, comes up with ideas for improvement and minimizes project risks – in short: a loyal and reliable partner.




Are you working in SCRUM?
At ProxiDock SCRUM is in the centre of our philosophy. Other than some teams we don't just name our meetings based on SCRUM terminology, but we do apply the methodology as a whole. A shift of responsibility towards the development team and an expressed team commitment are key. Read more >>
We're All on Java 8
All our projects use Java 8. We have started exploring the features of the new language version and it looks promising. Read more >>
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Project Wallboard
Problems related to information overload are solved in an elegant manner in a software development context by introducing a project wallboard - a dashboard developed by ProxiDock. Read more >>



Our developers and architects have extensive experience in software development and hybris platform technology. We help you to find solutions to critical technical problems, with the design of suitable architecture, and with development and quality assurance. ProxiDock reduces your project risks and provides valuable resources.
ProxiDock's employees quickly get to grips with your projects and, within just a few days, are able to contribute effectively to optimizing them. Owing to the experience we have gathered from all different kinds of hybris projects, we are experts in its e-commerce and PIM processes - its standard products and modules - as well as being very familiar with customizations.
ProxiDock offers technical consulting, requirements analysis, system architecture and design services, as well as programming and quality assurance. We only employ developers with many years of experience in Java, and specialize in hybris technology. Our team therefore offers outstanding expertise in the implementation of e-commerce systems. Business consulting and project management tasks are normally carried out by our partners.
The perfect code combined with an outstanding design - this is the professional challenge we strive to meet every day. We also attach great importance to dynamically improving our expertise. Every employee at ProxiDock is given a specific amount of time to get to grips with innovations, evaluate current jobs and develop further-reaching solutions. In this way, a unique knowledge base develops which all our projects benefit from.
Collaboration in teams across multiple locations imposes special requirements on processes and communication channels. ProxiDock works continuously on international projects and, using diverse cooperation models and methods, executes these successfully and efficiently. We favor agile frameworks, such as SCRUM, but also have extensive experience in classic waterfall-type approaches for large projects. We always attach great importance to integrating our work seamlessly into your processes, standards and directives.
ProxiDock maintains long-term partnerships and has the willingness and resources to take part in large and complex projects. Our core competence is on the technical side of things. We're convinced that providing advice and managing projects require a closeness to the customer that, because of our location, we cannot guarantee. So, we leave these tasks to our partners who are ideally qualified in these areas.
Although we also form short-term partnerships, we favor long-term collaborations with our partners. This approach enables us to establish efficient processes, while responding optimally to the other party's method of working.
Personal contact with our partners is important to us. So, we like to operate transparently and introduce all members of the team to our partners. This makes for a pleasant and motivating working atmosphere which, in turn, has a positive influence on the work and efficiency within the partnership.